Frequently asked questions

General Questions & Answers:

Why should I use WriteWrite? How will it benefit me?
Nowadays, most of our Digital usage are a privileage instead of a neccessity. We at WriteWrite aim to create something which will be useful for real and not just something which is not needed. We aim to stand out of this huge Digital market by making something which is a neccessity for everyone and make it simpler by using the advantages of this Digital era.

How is our Data secure?
One issue which we found with everyone is the fear that their Data is visible to everyone when online. So, we came up with a foolproof solution. We encrypt your Data using your Login credentials as the encryption key. If anyone knows the Encryption key (Your Login Credentials), they can decrypt it and view your Data. So, to protect your Data, we hash your Login Credentials. Anything hashed cannot be Reverse-Engineered. In other Words, even we cannot know your Login Credentials. Only you know your Login Credentials. Only you can decrypt your Data. Also, we ask only your Email-Id and a Password for your Login Credentials. Since we cannot see your Email-Ids in our Database, we cannot send you irritating Emails from our side.

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